Hello there.
I'm Catherine, the owner of Barking Baloo.

I think it is safe to say that I have always had a love of creatures of any description and have been known to save snails on my way to school or rescue a dog I believed was lost.

Starting Barking Baloo hasn’t been the result of a “12-Step Guide on How to Start a Business”, but an answer to a quest as to how I could indulge my love for animals whilst providing a service to pet owners. Furthermore, I would like Barking Baloo to be a tribute to both my late Dad, who had an undeniable bond with the animals in his life and to Baloo, may he have an endless supply of tennis balls and pine cones wherever he may be.

Baloo snooze
Baloo having a snooze

Whilst I don’t have any formal qualifications in dog walking or pet care, I do have FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCE of teaching my own dogs basic commands such as “sit” and “stay”, toilet training using positive reinforcement as well as implementing advice provided to me by an animal behaviourist in order to deal with negative behaviour in dogs I have adopted or rescued.

Some important bits: